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Massage Health Hoop [PHO29900]

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Massage Health Hoop [PHO29900]

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Massage Health Hoop [PHO29900]

Acu-Massager Health Hoop
Acu-Massager Hoop is composed of a hula-hoop with the addition of acu-pressure balls on the inner ring of the hoop. The acu-massage pressure balls of the hoop have a therapeutic effect when you use it. Acu massage Hoop will help get you in shape, strengthen your abdomen and lower back while improving your blood circulation.

Exercise and Fitness
Acu massage Hoop is ideal for people who are interested in health, fitness, and fun. The acu-pressure balls of Acu massage Hoop effectively strengthen your abdomen and lower back as well as improving blood circulation to those areas. Acu massage Hoop weights nearly twice as much as the original hula-hoop. These modifications allow up to 3 times more fun exercise than the conventional hula-hoop. Using our new Acu massage Hoop will help you eliminate unwanted calories and trim that waist while strengthening your abdomen and lower back.

Therapeutic Effect
The therapeutic effects of the pressure are excellent for the helping with lower backaches. Our new fitness invention is also a wonderful preventative measure.

Easy to Use
Acu massage Hoop are easily assembled and disassembled without any hassle or trouble. Our new spin on this wonderful creation acu-pressure balls, in addition to the added weight, allow even beginner of hula-hoop to use it with ease. Acu massage Hoop is designed to improve spin and decrease slip-down.

- Acupressure and massaging effects.
- Benefits of aerobic exercises.
- Strengthening of back and leg muscles.
- Reducing belly fat and providing a leaner waist line.
- Whole body exercise with various exercise combinations.
- Able to enjoy while watching TV or with music.

- AMAZINGG HOLISTIC HULA HOOP-has acu-pressure balls on the inner ring of the hoop.
- Just ten minutes of exercise, ACU HOOP provides over 50,000~60,000 acu-pressure on your abdomen andnlower back.
- ACU HOOP weights nearly twice as much as the original hula hoop - allows more exercise and easy to use.
- 7~8 sections of ACU MASSAGE HOOP with One-touch connector can be assembled and disassembled easy to carry.

Junior HealthOne Slim/H 0.8
- The Junior Health Hoop is especially suitable for teenagers because of its light weight.
It is made up of 7 parts, which are very easily connected by its "one-touch" system. Whether at home, school or outside, Junior Health Hoop is a great way to exercise, get fit, lose weight and have fun for every teenager.

HealthOne Body/H 1.0
- Tinsel town beauties like Beyonce Knowles may owe their taught tummies to hula hooping with weighted hoops. This exercise burns 420 percent more calories than sitting and works the abdominals to create a sexy curve to the waist.

HealthOne Magnetic /H 1.2
- Fitness experts are quick to point out you can get even more health benefits if you step things up a notch and use a weighted hoop. The size of our Health Hoops is adjustable. You can change the size of our Health Hoops by putting just 7 or 9 parts (extra order require) together. It will still be a loop.

HealthOne Action/H 1.6
- The Dynamic Health Hoop S is equipped with 48 magnets, which provide a massage-effect around your abdomen and waist area during exercise. The Dynamic Health Hoop S has air-cushioning-technology. Its elastic balls adhere better to the body and prevent the hoop from going downward during exercise.

HealthOne Large/H 1.8
- The Jemimah Health Hoop II has a total of 96 built-in acupuncture magnetic balls, more than any other Health Hoop! The result, a stimulating massage all around your abdomen and waist area. Your body will feel stimulated with increased blood circulation, and improved metabolism.

Healthone Anion/H 2.1
- The Bio-ceramic magnets and built in air-cushions generate anion within, which promotes healthy blood circulation and metabolism. After a simple aerobic workout with this hoop you will feel refreshed and invigorated.

HealthOne 2.6 Vital/H
- The Vita Health Hoop II consists of innovated protrusions of various sizes, its air-cusfresh hions provide the soft and gentle feeling of water flow during a workout, providing you with a aerobic workout. Protrusions have bio-ceramic magnets built inside which release negative ions for a maximum workout effect. Weight prevents the hoop from coming down easy and it provides the feeling of painless finger-pressure massage.
- This design of the Vita Health Hoop is suitable for anyone, including beginners.
- Regular and constant workouts help to burn body fat and reduce abdominal fat, prevent constipation and strengthen intestinal functioning.
- The Vita Health Hoop II is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its 8-part 'one-touch' system makes its assembly quick and easy.
- Weight 2.6kg, diameter 108cm

HealthOne Titan/H 3.1
- The TiTan Health Hoop has innovative air-cushioned protrusions which provide a gentle aqua-massage. Bio-ceramic magnets are built inside to generate negative ions for a more effective exercise.
- Painless weight presses and massages around the body. It is suitable for all ages and from beginners to advanced users.
- Constant exercise helps burn body fat around the abdominal area, constipation eases by strengthening intestinal functioning as well as by triggering whole body movement.
- The 'one-touch' dual pieces make attachment and detachment quick and simple. The pieces are strong and durable to ensure a long life.


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