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Electro Foot Relax-Massager

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Electro Foot Relax-Massager

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A fusion of the east and west

CERATECH(uniko)-Electro-Reflexologist is a compact physiotherapeutic device developed by a group of doctors and electronic engineers in Korea. Based on traditional foot reflexology and acupuncture theories, it uses a safe and stable flow of low frequency electro-wave to stimulate reflex zones, nerve, acupoints, muscles and capillaries, helping one to achieve relaxation, better blood circulation, and enhances the body's natural healing power.

CERATECH(uniko)-Electro-Reflexologist package also includes a pack of electrodes and cables. These accessories can be used to extend the treatment area or stimulate specific points on the body.

Unique Features

  • Soft start for a soothing therapy
  • 1-99 intensity levels to suit individual's condition
  • 15 scientifically designed waveforms alternating every minute to prevent muscle fatigue and numbness.
  • Elevated arch to fit sole better as well as for better contact.
  • 8 spots simultaneous treatment on single user or share application for two


Power Consumption
Box Dimension
L43.5 x B8.0 x H43.0cm
Gross Weight


Should I bathe before use?
Not necessary but it is good hygiene to do so especially to the soles of your feet before use.

What level of intensity should I use?
There is no fixed intensity level to follow as each individual has a different level of electrical resistance. You should adjust the intensity to a level until you feel comfortable.

Will I get the best results from the highest intensity setting?
If the treatment feels comfortable and you can feel your muscles being stimulated, you are likely to be on the right intensity setting. Using an intensity setting that is too high can overwork your muscles and reflexes, which may result in pain, fatigue or aggravation of an existing symptom. If you reach a high setting and cannot feel a strong sensation, check that your muscles are not overworking.

Why do I need a higher intensity level to feel the stimulation?
If your feet are dry or your body is dehydrated you may need to use a higher intensity level to feel the effect of the electro-stimulation. This can be overcome by moisturizing the feet. If you have an injury (both internal and external) or nerve damage (in case of stoke patients or diabetics) you may need to use a higher intensity to feel the electro-stimulation. Alternatively, you can enhance the stimulation by adding electrodes to the limb that has a weak sensation.

What is the recommended usage time per session and how many times per day?
Studies have shown that 30 minutes is the optimal treatment time for electro-therapy. This device has been preset with a 30-minute session however, you can reset the treatment time if necessary. You can have up to 6 sessions of 30 minutes or up to 3 hours of total treatment time per day. In both cases, regular intervals in between are necessary.

Can I treat both soles and body at the same time?
Yes, because the same waveforms will be used and there are separate intensity controls for soles and body.

Do I need to emphasize certain reflexes during therapy as it is usually done by traditional reflexologist?
Not necessary. Modern technology has overcome the limitation of the human hand. The goal of reflexology is to stimulate the whole body, to encourage the return to homeostasis throughout all the body's complex system. The different waveforms used in the device are able to work the whole feet regardless of the areas that reveal the problem, emplacing certain areas of the feet during treatment only expedites these results.

Will I get electrocuted if my feet are wet?
No, because the electrical current has been stepped down to only DC 9V. The foot pads are also made of rubber so it is very safe.

Can I bathe immediately after therapy?
It is advisable to have a 10 to 15 minutes break before showering. This is because your body temperature will rise as a result of improved blood circulation.

Can I use the device immediately after a meal?
It is recommended to have a 30-minute interval before use.

Do I need to drink a glass of water after therapy?
Yes, its help in the detoxification process.

Is the Electro-Reflexologist safe to use on sprains and torn ligaments?
Do not use the Electro-Reflexologist on sprains during the first 6 weeks. Rest for 2 to 6 weeks before using the Electro-Reflexologist on sprains. As for torn ligaments, allow 6 months rest before commencement.

Why do I feel sleepy after use?
This is because both your body and mind are relaxed after the therapy.

What should I do if I find the stimulation too strong even at the lowest intensity level?
You should lower the intensity level and if the level is already at the lowest, reduce the time and change the frequency.

My symptoms seem to have worsened since using the device. Is this normal?
Do not worry. It is quite normal that symptoms such as aches, pains and swelling may worsen during the initial treatment phase. This may occur if the body has not yet adjusted to increased blood circulation and blood stimulation. Medically it is called acclimatization. Reduce the session intensity, treatment time and frequency. These side effects will automatically disappear when the adjustment phase is over.

Is the Electro-Reflexologist safe for everyone?
Patients with heart disease, malignant tumour, pregnant or have just completed surgery should seek medical advice before using the Electro-Reflexologist.

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